Are Three Piece Suits for Men Returning?

by | Nov 15, 2010 | Image consulting for Men

The Return of the Elegant Gentleman

This wall Street Journal Article (The three-piece suit makes a dashing comeback) sums up nicely much of what I have been hearing lately about the revival of the classic men’s style element, the vest.
Pushed aside by “Casual Friday” of the past, wearing vested or three-piece suits is becoming popular among “better” dressed gents:

“The three-piece suit has been asserting itself with increasing frequency on designer runways, as well in the collections of traditionalists such as Hickey Freeman. They’re now a fixture of men’s fashion magazine spreads”

Here is the lowdown:

  1. The three-piece suit by it’s very nature requires extra effort, but the pay off is in extra panache, as well as “one-up-manship in the dressing up race”
  2. It adds a layer of warmth when it’s cold
  3. It keeps a shirt and tie in its place
  4. It can function to camouflage an unsightly stomach bulge

Rules to follow:

  1. This is a more formal suit, make sure you wearing a tie
  2. Wear a collar that is in scale with your own features and the the “gorge” (the “V”) of the vest – is it high – close to your throat or lower?
  3. Leave the bottom button on the vest undone
  4. Leave the suit jacket unbuttoned
  5. Wear your more formal shoes.

My friend and store owner Vincent Ferrucci from Ferrucci Fine Men’s Clothiers in New Haven, CT echos these sentiments. He suggests almost a Mad Men -esque revival as witnessed by these photos from the popular TV show’s site.

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