A Woman’s Romper (?!) the Perfect Holiday Attire Solution

by | Dec 5, 2020 | Dress for Success, Image Consulting, Image Consulting for Women, Image Makeover

 A Romper is the PERFECT holiday attire solution for Women

What?  A romper is a summer shorts set your toddler wore, right?  Actually, (yes, but also) it is a where-have-you-been (since I gained this weight) all-my-life solution for women!

Check out these images, before I explain further.

Here’s why I love this look:

  1.  A romper has a playful quality.  It’s floor length, but not floor length formal.  Its a little…. frisky!
  2. A romper has AMAZING coverage without being dowdy.  Longer sleeves and rear view.
  3. A romper is a monochromatic (one color) outfit.  One long line of the same color is fabulously slimming.
  4. A romper offers a strong vertical line in the front, again, directing the eye most advantageously
  5. A romper offers beautiful decolletage options, look how lovely in particular the one on the right is?
  6.  A romper is FUN!  Its fashion forward, and feels great!

The rompers pictured above are all in the $175 to $250 range from Nordstrom so that’s pretty reasonable, however sizes only up to 16.  Here’s my search link.  In a plus size search, I did not find much I liked – only this Macy’s red option for $44.

I hope this inspires you to popover to the Nordstrom site and order a couple (free shipping – get 2, return one) Rompers.  Accent with a lovely necklace and a moderate heel shoe in a neutral metallic,  like this one or this one, and you are ready to present beautifully at an informal holiday event!

PS.  Allow time to run it to the local dry cleaner for hemming – the ones I have ordered have come in quite long.  Nordstrom hems for free, but takes a couple weeks, so it’s worth just paying $30ish and get it in a few days.

Please send me a picture of you if you buy one! 🙂

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