A Quality Leather Bag Finishes Your Look

by | May 22, 2015 | Image consulting for Men

Polish your look when traveling with a high quality leather bag.

A good leather bag can last close to a lifetime.

These leather goods take on a wonderful patina over time.  The leather becomes more supple, the hardware retains it luster. All all they just age well, kind of like fine wine! Always buy “real” leather rather than “faux” or plastic, and look for “full grain” leather.

Leather tagged as “genuine” leather are usually splits taken from a hide, have a leather “grain” stamped on them, and then are coated with a product that makes them look like full grain leather. Needless to say this coating wears off.  These split treated hides will be less soft and durable than full grain. Tanning is the next indicator of quality.

Quality leathers are treated by soaking and coloring over a period of days.  The price reflects the condition of the hide, scarring and cleanliness. Linings should be sturdy fabric, not plastic. Hardware and Zippers should be a brass base, although plating with nickel is acceptable.  Hardware and zippers represent the highest stress points on the bag, either from repeated use or overstuffing.

The canvas the zipper is sewn into should be very sturdy.  Try the zipper several times to ensure the flow of it. Feel how the bag “fits” on your body.  Does your hand fit in the handle comfortably.  Are the length of the straps appropriate to your height?  Is the scale and size of the bag appropriate to your size? Expect to pay well for a bag than can last a lifetime.  This Pele Duffle from Nordstrom is $850.         This J W Holme Messenger bag available at Brooks is $580.

What some help finding your perfect bag?

I do the Personal Shopping  leg work and you enjoy the result. How’s that work?

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I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

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