3 Tips for Traditional Men to Look Updated

by | Apr 16, 2019 | Image consulting for Men

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Living in Southwestern Connecticut I often work with men who have a very traditional style (also known as preppy) and who were taught, for example, that “a crucial element of insouciant collegiate style was [a button down shirt] the more frayed the better.”

Men raised on classic RL and BB then became exposed to the influence of a new age of business casual (and all of it’s ambiguity) and the art of dressing – for many – was lost.

Sartorially men are often creatures of habit.  Those who have not cultivated awareness of trend often provide resistance when I suggest that their style might be dated. They have not been trained in the nuances of menswear, don’t know (or care) when styles and cuts change.   It is for this man that I write this article and hope that you will share it with him if you know who is 🙂

I do not take conservative gentleman and stuff them into skinny suits.  I do however advocate to my clients the benefit of looking current. Let’s define “current” in terms of YOU making successful first impressions to others:

  1. I am aware the world changes and I have read a tax code in the last five years.
  2. I value attention to detail and I will translate that into the work I perform for you.
  3. I am a successful man, I can afford to replace outdated apparel.

So now you know WHY you care.  And here are the top 3 Tips:


  • Pleated pants
  • Pants with the rise that is too long, worn too high
  • Pants with a cut that is too wide and baggy
  • Pants that are too long in length “full break”
  • Pants that are too wide on the lower leg
  • In some cases, cuffed pants

Jackets and sport coats

  • Jackets that are too long.
  • Jackets that are too wide in the lapel.
  • Jackets that are too wide in the shoulder and hang off the shoulders.
  • Jackets that are frayed, have fabric pulls, shiny shoulders, bubbled interfacing, hanging out lining, worn, missing buttons


  • Ties that are too wide – the widest part of your tie is in proportion to the widest part of the lapel of your jacket.  Both max out at 3.5″ today, and 3″ is better.
  • Ties that are satin shiny, and Trump-esque red
  • Ties (in business settings) that have little animals, sailboats, Santa, funny sayings, your family crest or anything similar.
  • Bow ties in a business setting

Necessity ranges from important to critical – especially if you are in some kind of transition – building a new business, looking for a next job, re-entering the dating world. Want some help updating your wardrobe?  This is one of the many ways I help men and I’d be delighted to help you.

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist, Trainer and Recruiter

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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