3 Fashion New Year’s Resolutions for Women that you CAN keep

by | Jan 2, 2019 | Image Consulting for Women

Who-hoo!  Here’s to a new year of feeling fabulous!

Rule #1:  Even if you have vowed to loose weight – you are this weight NOW.   And you will still be wearing the same clothing in 2 weeks to a month.   Your closet can emotionally influence your day – make it positive.

Do a fast sort through so that only the garments that fit you now in the front.  This allows you to dress from what works in the morning.  Yes, I (too?) have multiple sizes of clothing, and I have it grouped by size in another location, so that when I go down, I can start pulling from the next size down.  But until then it just makes me feel a little badly to look at it.   I also want (and often need) my morning dressing routine to be efficient.  That is another excellent reason to have only what you can wear now up front.

InStyle How to Keep Your New Years Style Resolution  has a great article with a visual slide show.


# 2 Yes!  Add skirts (and tights and boots).  Tights (that fit) are super comfortable (purchase from XS to 4X  HERE Here) along with flat boots.  Chic and easy.   Black tights allow women who are heavier to wear shorter (fun, frisky) skirts above the knee.   Looks like this:

#3  Double YES!  Dress more professionally at work.  The number one easiest way to do this is to dress more “structurally”.  This is a bit of a borrow from the InStyle menswear slide – but a critical component to women dressing at work.  When you wear a tailored jacket (unless it is purple polka-dot or has kitties on it) you have instantly created more business authority.   Add heels if you can – often we sit a great deal at work and if you can be comfortable, wear shoes with a pointed toe and at least a 2″ heel.   Especially for meetings.  No knits (sweaters).  Choose crisper blouses and tailored jackets.  Add “statement” jewelry and you are a powerhouse!!

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