4 Easy Sartorial New Year's Resolutions for Men

by | Dec 30, 2018 | Image consulting for Men

My top 4 tips for men that will make a noticable difference with a next to unnoticeable investment. #1 Buy your first (or add to your) Made to Measure suit collection. 

Just one will do. 

Even if owning one great suit is not something you ever considered, “non-work-suit-guys” need this just as much as your buttoned up colleagues.  Casualization does not mean sloppy, and men with even a little refinement own and DO find occasions to wear a beautifully tailored suit.  They know that when they do, nothing (I mean nothing) will raise confidence and make them look like they are to be taken seriously than, said, suit.  And nothing spoils that effect faster than a pilled, itchy, pulling, uncomfortable, poorly fitting, like-an-unwelcome-guest-suit.

Also, a suit does not have to be a suit.   It is a jacket and trousers that happen to match when you need to wear them together, but more often than not great separates.  Jackets and denim.  Trousers and cashmere sweaters.  You know – flexible.  And Cool.             #2  Measure your ties. At the widest point, donate or relegate to the back of the closet anything wider than 3.5″.  Tie width should be in proportion to jacket lapel width.  Nothing screams “I’ve had this suit and tie for 15 years” than sporting a 4″ wide tie.  Ditto for less than 2.5 inches – says I still wear the short-pants version of ties, and when I grow up my Mom says I can wear a real one. Here is a perfect picture – thanks to the EffortlessGent.com

#3 Add ONE skin care product – assuming the current regime is minimal – shampoo that trickled down on your face in the shower and sunscreen on Memorial Day. Add Moisturizer with Sunscreen.  This Esquire article covers it nicely. Advanced Readers add Night Moisturizer with anti-aging.  Ditto above – thank you Esquire.

#4.  Last but not least, when you wear a jacket – from Saks to Salvation Army, please look at yourself straight and head on in the mirror and ensure the sleeves are not too long.  Because over 50% of your reading this are afflicted.  Avoid this   Tailor for this.

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