10 Tips for Women to Increase Executive Presence in the Workplace

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Dress for Success, Image Consulting for Women, Image Makeover

Women’s inequality in the workplace makes me MAD.

“In the U.S., the gender pay gap remains a reality for many women… And it’s worse for women of color.”  cites CNBC in this article.

I’d like to introduce you to Purse Power, an organization that is working to shatter the glass ceiling and provide women a powerful way to support women-owned, women-led businesses and provide domestic abuse victims help.

Purse Power CEO and Founder Donna Miller is an amazing, inspirational woman,  and I hope you will hear her 1 minute message about what just a few “strategic shopping mouse clicks”can do for women in this country. 

Please download the Purse Power browser extension and mobil app.  It’s simple – what it does is show you on an internet search for a product or service which businesses are women owned. Own your own business?  Even better! Register your company and have this powerful search engine direct other women consumers to YOU. 


Gosh, I really don’t think I threw away HALF her closet… 🙂   but anyway here, in my smaller world, I can contribute to making YOU magnificent in your quest for success:

I can help ensure two things for you;

1) that your attire confidence is on high, leaving your emotional bank available for all the other politics and (insert expletive) you have to deal with and

2) help you select a wardrobe that is feminine, and true to yourself, but powerful in a way that supports you as an Executive Woman.

Here we go:

10 Womens Dressing Tips to increasing Executive Presence in the Workplace

  1.  Fabric weave – choose tight weaves like cotton pinpoint shirts, gabardine suiting.  Avoid textural, loose weave knits, nubby tweeds, and options that have lace.
  2.  Fabric weight – choose mid weight substantial fabrics that have drape.  Avoid leather, other than a jacket and very  lightweight fabrics that are floaty.
  3.  Fabric light reflection – choose matt fabrics, avoid anything shiny or sparkly like satin or bejewelled.
  4.  Fabric pattern – choose solids, stripes and small patterns.  Avoid bold patterns, florals or pictures of anything.
  5.  Fabric colors – choose neutrals, pastels and darks.  The entire family of blue, white to grey to black, with a  smattering of color.
  6.  Clothing fit – garments should skim the body, never cling, gape or pull.  Jacket sleeves, trousers and skirts hemmed as appropriate.
  7.  Clothing reveal – garments should not expose cleavage, mid-drift, upper arm, or more than 2 to 3 inches above  the knee.
  8. Clothing design – choose tailored styles.  A jacket is as powerful on a woman as a man. Whenever possible, create outfits of 3 pieces – top, bottom and a jacket – rather than a sweater.  Avoid ruffles and puffs.
  9. Wear classic best quality jewelry, shoes, accessories that are tailored and structural more than creative or whimsical.  Keep your heel height 1 to 3 inches.
  10. Wear your hair in a smooth style, short to mid length or “up” if longer.  Wear subtle makeup.

You can imagine there are hours of potential conversation in the above list.  It really is just a toe dip in the ocean of knowledge about creating a higher perception level of executive presence, power and leadership.  If your next raise or promotion could be worth more than $10,000.00, I highly recommend the investment of this image work.

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