Why Bother Dressing UP?

by | Feb 5, 2015 | Articles for Both, Fashion Tips, Image Consulting

“I’m fine. It doesn’t matter.”

“I am judged by my work/character/accomplishments, not my appearance.” How many times have you heard (or thought) these kinds of statements when someone in your life (usually a woman) suggests a sartorial upgrade of sorts?

Doesn’t she know that I don’t want to appear superficial?  I am a quiet and sober man – yet one needful of attire to allow a jump over a tall building in a single bound!  Over attention to my appearance will make me feel like a metrosexual who cares more for manicures than good old fashion hard work and morality.

Fashion is vanity.  Don’t you know people are starving?? I don’t want to appear to luxurious, over decorated – trying too hard. Like a “poser”. Or a “dandy”. These men certainly are pretentious, slackers in the work world, and decidedly un-masculine.  I don’t want to appear GAY.  And if I am gay, I don’t need to advertise it.

Gentlemen, I HEAR YOU.  Please let me introduce paradigm shifting thoughts:

1. Art inspires appreciation of beauty, natural and manmade.  “Beautiful” art is in the eye of the beholder, from soft, etherial watercolors, to meticulous portraits to wild and bold statements.  It is not shallow to discuss the attributes, or celebrate your pleasure in art.

2. Consider the flashy be-ribboned red jackets, gold epaulets, even beaver hats or kilts of western military past – there is nothing un-masculine about those highly decorated men!

3. Menswear (thankfully) is influenced on a year to year basis with less influence than womenswear, but it does change.  There are rules, (the 4″ wide lapels and ties are out dated) and as you are developing your taste, you can rely on just following the rules.   Men who say they distain fashion are wearing fashion – just what was in fashion 10 years ago.

4. The funny thing about social class is that only the privileged are aware of it. From what socioeconomic group are your best clients/prospects/girl you want to date? Privileged people generally dress conservatively, rarely in something that appears “this season”, and always with superb attention to fit and detail.  A “Gentleman” values quality, subtlety and grace.

5. Fashion is what is available for you to choose from today.  Style are the choices you make. If you are ready to toss the Teva’s, the short sleeve dress shirts and the sansobelt trousers and begin to assemble your grown up wardrobe, it’s time to hire a professional.

From basement to attic closet clearings to selecting just one entire perfect outfit for wedding, interview or presentation, I come to you with the background and the resources to make it easy and ensure you are guaranteed a perfect outcome.

As your Personal Image Consultant I will

  • ascertain your style, and your budget,  and connect it directly with your immediate and longer term goals
  • help you sort out what you own already that works, and what you need that’s new
  • provide high ROI shopping services or bring the JHilburn line of affordable luxury menswear to your home or office

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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