Top 3 Tips to Look Like a Million on Any Budget

by | Apr 12, 2011 | Image consulting for Men

Okay, so you may not have the resources to put toward a stellar wardrobe….

Hey, things have been a little rough around here (lately!) and most of you are working triple time – selling longer and harder, launching a new entrepreneurial venture or making ends meet with kids in college and no wealthy uncle covering the shortfall.

That doesn’t mean you have to look like you are last on the disposable income totem pole in your family.

My top three “Look Like a Million Bucks” tips will allow you to project an image that is prosperous, substantial, and like a man of means with out a big cash outlay. And if you think what ever your “line” is, this is not applicable to you – think again! People respond more favorably to those they feel are succeeding in whatever they do.

1. Pay Attention to Leather

Your leather goods — such as your shoes, belt and wallet — are strong indicators of social status and affluence.

Scuffed, worn at the heel shoes, out of style, plastic-y looking shoes say unsophisticated quicker than you can say it yourself. Whipping out an overstuffed, bedraggeled wallet when you are looking to impress the lady, the client or the boss just falls flat.

Having the point of your tie resting on a frayed and “notch” gouged belt and your personal value statement is slipping.

Your shoe investment is going to be more – but WELL worth it.

I recommend you consider the shoes you buy to be in terms of years of use, and properly cared for with resoling, waterproofing and the use of shoe trees. When you purchase great shoes it singles you out as a cut above the rest.

What’s a great shoe?

Well these bucks are my favorite summer shoe (click the image for details) – they are perfect at the office with a cotton suit in tan or stone, or a seersucker suit.
Or for year round elegance these wingtips are fabulous. Wearing a shoe like this will subliminally (at a minimum!) impress anyone and everyone you meet.
I highly recommend you critically inspect and replace your leather goods sooner rather than later.

2. Wear monogrammed custom shirts.

Nothing says “I made it” like a shirt cuff monogram peeking out from under a jacket sleeve.

And the fact that most people assume that you paid $300 a shirt makes that even more powerful. Which is why I think the company is such a great resource for men – custom shirts starting at $89 ($99 w/monogram) and no minimum order requirements mean you can order a “best” shirt – or a whole closet full and not break the bank.
Another element that sets you apart from the pack, is creating a “signature style”, and custom shirting is an easy way to do this.

3. Make a relationship with an excellent tailor.

No one is likely going to inspect the stitching, weave and lining of your suit for the kind of quality that paying $1000 or more affords. But they will notice a $2000 suit that is cut, fit and tailored poorly.

But back to the tailor, this is not your local dry cleaner who hems your trousers, this is a quality tailor with his or her own long standing establishment.

If you have a $550 budget, it’s better to buy a $300 suit and get $250 in alterations to ensure the fit is really good, than a $550 (or more) suit that isn’t quite right.

Making wardrobe decisions when money is tight is well supported by investing in an image consultant. The few hundred dollars of professional advice when you are looking at an overwhelming array of confusing options can make the difference between a good purchase of long lasting value and a mistake.

The more you can’t “afford” to make a bad suiting decision – like for an interview suit, a presentation suit or a “best” all around suit, the more it makes sense to include a professional.

Overwhelmed? That’s the beauty of hiring a professional!

The easiest way to look your best is to make a single phone call.

What happens next? A Personal Image Consultant shows up to make any number of issues go away…

  • disorganized, cluttered closets
  • clothes that you spent good money on but you’re not sure how to match and when to wear what
  • lack of proficiency, time or interest in shopping, but need to look great

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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