Chalk and Colored Striped Suit Fabrics

by | Sep 22, 2012 | Image consulting for Men

How to add Style, Dimension and Interest to your Working Wardrobe:

How to add two stripes to your closet and give your “pinstripe section” a whole new fresh and more interesting perspective.

1. Chalk Stripe:  when dark fabric has a white line through it it conveys a very precise and almost aggressive look.  This is an aspect that you want to have available in your closet, but one that you may not feel the need to convey on a daily basis.  A lighter grey chalk stripe is an excellent way to soften your pin stripe suiting options, but still have that ultra professional (and slimming) look.

Flannel Grey Chalk Stripe.  Flannel is such a great seasonal fabric.  It feels so nice to wear.
2.  Color:  the stripe does not have to be white.  This charcoal suit with a very small purple stripe is such fun to pair with pink and purple shirts and ties!  Blue’s are often used as well, and even a red pin stripe is a great look  
Striped suits are a integral part of your wardrobe – just be aware that there are better, more interesting options than white stripes on navy fabric.  Come out of the box a bit and add a wonderful unique stripe to your closet this season.   When choosing a shirt or tie, yes you can “layer” stripes, just ensure that the scale of the stripe (the size of the distance between the stripes) is different.  Don’t mix in round shapes with pin suits (like a paisley tie).  Keep shirt and tie patterns lineal.

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