How To Make a Blue Suit Dance For You!

by | Mar 4, 2020 | Image consulting for Men

When I say jump you ask how high!

This is what you can ask of your blue suit when you know how to accessorize it for multiple purposes.

Want to wear your blue suit cool and casual? Pair it with a microprint shirt, or a darker shirt and no tie.

And ask your custom shirt maker (hopefully that’s me!) to move the first button up an inch so that you’re not showing a huge expanse of white T-shirt.

Loosely tuck in a pocket square to show the world that you have an awareness of color and style, wear with your blue suit with brown shoes and a matching brown belt and fun socks.


The day will come when you will need your blue suit to be at its most formal. To achieve this, choose a dress shirt that is a solid (for a funeral) or striped (for a power business meeting) and a coordinating tie that has a small, subdued print, or is a rep stripe.

Your white pocket square is folded and pressed into a rectangle.  Your shoes and belt are polished and black.  Your socks are black.

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