How to Hire a Personal Shopper

by | Feb 15, 2012 | Image Consulting for Women

Does the idea of shopping make you crazy?

As the cost of clothing rises, and the time busy professionals have to devote to the procurement of the clothes they need to look their best, the demand for personal shopping services has increased. Busy men and women who “hate to shop” love the idea of someone else doing the “heavy lifting” of sorting through the racks, coordinating outfits, finding the sizes and staying in budget.

There are two varieties of personal shoppers, store employees and independent shoppers.

Personal Shopper who are employees of the store are employed to help you find and purchase clothing and accessories. Most of the major department stores have a personal shopping service available at no charge. This person may have 20 years of excellent hands -on experience or been promoted from cashier last Tuesday – there is no educational requirement. More often found in women’s department’s, these employees have an excellent knowledge of the store and offer perks such as bigger, more appointed fitting rooms without frustrating garment maximums.

You should be aware that most personal shoppers get paid by commission, and you may not be able to rely on the unbiased opinion of your shopper. If you are tender-hearted, you may get “talked in to” buying things that will then hang in your closet with the tag on. Consider this option if you have a rock solid concept of what looks best on you, a pre-made and well described shopping list, and little time to accomplish it.

The second option is hiring an independent personal shopper.

Here there is a division in options. You can look for a personal shopper that makes their business doing just that – personal shopping. Or you can hire a certified Image Consultant to work with you and shop for you.

In both cases, you will pay this person hourly – probably from $75 to $125 an hour. They will gain you the same rights and privileges of an in-store shopper reserving a larger dressing room with no garment maximums. You will likely pay them hourly, or some shoppers take a portion of the total sale of the day.

The differences are pretty significant after that. The personal shopper has no educational requirement, so be sure to ask for references and how long he or she has practiced. Ask where they shop most often, if they have a good active practice the manager of that department in that store will know of them.

An Association of Image Consulting International ( certified image consultant has undergone extensive training and continuing education requirements to make sure that the information given to you is correct. In most cases an image consultant will not agree to show up and shop for you sight unseen, but will explain that the proper procedure is to begin with a personal (and even closet) analysis. This consultation is the basis for the colors, lines and styles the consultant will then know to pull for you when in the store.

You will receive a wealth of information in this consultation, that you can use for the rest of your life when making buying decisions either assisted by your consultant, or on your own. The cost of the consultation and the shopping will likely be made up for in the Return On Investment that you get from making far better purchasing decisions to match your body type, coloring and your wardrobe goals than you may have ever before.

Personal Shopping for Busy Women is like a Dream Come True!

“Was that a dream or the best shopping trip EVER?” is a real quote from a client who just experienced Personal Shopping the Style of Success way!

How’s that work? A Personal Image Consultant shows up to…

  • ascertain your style, and your budget, and connect it directly with your immediate and longer term goals
  • help you sort out what you own already that works, and what you need that’s new
  • Does NOT get paid a commission by the store to talk you into items you don’t need or aren’t best for YOU!

I am a Personal Image Consultant and a J Hilburn Stylist

I bring confidence, organization, efficiency to your life.

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