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Fashion comes and goes.  Style is classic and timeless.

I am an advocate of a nod to fashion and trend, and a death grip on classic, timeless style.

Menswear is by nature a factor of nuances; the width of a lapel, break of a trouser leg.  Because of this, one of the easiest ways to express your fashion sense is through accessories.   Keep your basics like suiting and year-round sport coats basic, and jazz up your outfits year to year with more trendy details.

After the granddaddy of men’s accessories, the watch, what are the two most important accessory components to your outfit?  Belts and Shoes.  I’ve written a good deal recently on shoes, but not much on belts so here you go:

6-minute video tutorial on men’s belts, the widths, materials, colors, and levels of formality.  Learn what actually is sandwiched between the leather/pleather of the belt at your favorite discount store as well as ways to jazz up your belt wardrobe.  Get your sartorial belt info here at Style of Success.

Here is your belt shopping list:

  1.   Black formal dress belt, 30mm
  2.   Brown and/or English Tan formal dress belt 30 mm
  3.   Casual 35mm belt in leather or suede in brown
  4.   Tan
  5.   Grey
  6.   Navy
  7.   Woven or rope belt for summer shorts
  8.   Golf belt

Want help sourcing your belts?

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