Fall 2011 Upcoming Trends for Men

by | Sep 18, 2011 | Fashion Tips, Image consulting for Men

Wondering what’s still great in your closet from last fall?

Fall is a time of texture and deep rich colors – just like the season it’ self! In the stores find plentiful corduroy trousers, suede jackets, even “peached” cotton chinos. Sweaters have interesting detail in the knits, such as cables, and added leather design around zippers and pockets. Look for suede bucks in orange, russet and sage colors.

Elements of style can be accomplished easily by adding just “one more design element”. This means for casual, add a sweater over your button down, throw on a tweedy jacket over a silk crew neck pullover. A scarf on a top coat always adds panache. For business wear, add a pocket square in a coordinating (never matching) fabric, or a charcoal flannel vest under a herringbone jacket.

Lines are still slim for fall, but not as much as past years. When choosing the style of your clothing, yet your own body type be your guide first and fashion second. A big guy in a skinny suit only looks bigger (and a bit silly). Bear in mind the body type that the designers are designing for – if that’s not your own, then look to take a middle ground, such as a narrower lapel (not skinny) , in coordination with a narrower tie.

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