Dressing Tips for Men that are Overweight

by | Feb 9, 2012 | Clothes for Overweight Men, Fashion Tips, Image Consulting, Image consulting for Men

Here is a man who holds a good deal of his weight in his face and neck.

What he needs to know in the business world (sorry, I didn’t make the rules) is that being overweight diminishes his business authority.

He’s clearly “white collar professional” so we can assume that he needs to look responsible, capable and able to lead.
Not rumpled and goofy.

If this were my client we’d be at the barber, the optician, get him a vertically striped shirt that fits his neck properly, and encouragement to invest in himself with better food choices and a gym membership.
Generations ago excess weight may have been a sign of affluence but today a man (or woman) who hold this kind of weight is at a disadvantage in business.

Yes, a powerful man can be overweight, it is my supposition that it is harder to GET powerful if he is overweight to begin with.

I’ve got lots more tips and tricks.

If you have gotten this far and are reading this it may be because it pertains to YOU.  Please use me!  I can help you exactly as you are today go from feeling a bit lumpy to more powerful, more attractive, more respected; and with all that positive feed back who knows how it will inspire you!

A couple magazine pictures just to illustrate how great a big guy can look with the right fit.

GQ before and after

Don’t let another month go by with ill-fitting-over-sized-because-you-think-you-have-to clothing!

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