Dressing Tips and Clothes for Overweight Men

by | Feb 6, 2012 | Image consulting for Men

Carrying a few “extra’?  Join the crowd.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some strategies to look and feel great every time you go out the door.

Men put on weight differently than women (have you noticed?!).  Instead of the butt and thighs, it lands (and stays) on the abdomen.  Because it doesn’t go on the body proportionally, the bigger the stomach is, the smaller the arms and legs appear, and the harder it is to keep the lines your clothing was designed for in place.

Here is a man who is carrying extra weight, but dressed in a way that makes the worst of it.  Why?

Well, initially, dark colors are more slimming – they recede and light colors pop out.

And, by tucking in his form fitting light tee into his dark jeans, he brings the eye squarely to the visual mid point of his body – which is the least desirable.

To get an off the rack shirt big enough for his belly, he’s had to choose one that is too big for his arms and shoulders.
Better Strategies:

  1. Aim for a monochromatic look (similar colors top and bottom)
  2. Avoid knits that pull around the middle – opt for woven cloth
  3. Custom long sleeve casual wear shirts can be purposely created to wear un-tucked with tails that are not too long.  Custom is the trick here because in most cases a shirt that is large enough to fit you will be too long.  A custom shirt can be made shorter, and drape down to around the top of the back pockets – a slimmer spot
  4. Custom (sorry guys but there IS a reason it’s a better fit!) short sleeve shirts don’t have to have too big shoulders and sleeves that flap in the wind.  You can have a short sleeve shirt that is a better length, the room you need over the abdomen, and an appropriately fitted shoulder and sleeve.
  5. When extra weight deposits in a way you wish to smooth out – like in the breast area, or a “male-muffin top” you may wish to consider an undergarment option.  Even a snug fitting undershirt will help, but there are other options such as a compression undershirt like Spanx for Men.

Don’t let another month go by with ill-fitting-over-sized-because-you-think-you-have-to clothing!Call me to ensure that you have what you need to look your best, and know just how to wear it.

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