Take the 7 "Do your clothes Fit?" Test!

by | Dec 26, 2011 | Fashion Tips, Image consulting for Men, Image Makeover

Let’s explore a higher level of fit.

There is no confidence like JH sport coatthat of knowing your garments are perfectly fitted.
Often for guys, the level of that which you are willing to accept is a mere “does it button”, can I sit down with out flinching, or is my shirt collar restricting too much of the flow of blood to my head today(!).
Here are some nuances of fit that I can provide for you.

1.  The top of your shirt:  the size of the collar, the length of the point on the collar, the spread of the collar and the knot of your tie all are very closely tied to your own physique.  The size and scale of your head, neck and shoulders should be in keeping with the size and scale of these elements of your collar.

2.  The middle of your shirt:  how much extra fabric are you carrying under your armpits, through your biceps or around your waist?  Conversely, if you are muscular are you fearing for your shoulder seams to drive the car, or if you have put on a couple pounds  this holiday season and your  buttons are pulling just a bit in front.

3.  The top of trousers:  Is there puckering and extra fabric in the seat?   Is the rise too long  (or short?).  Does your belt cause your waist band to pucker?

4.  The bottom of your trousers:  Look at the hems of your pants – 95% of you wear them too long.  A break is just a ripple  in the  fabric – not a puddle.

5.  The top of your jacket:  Do the shoulders fit smoothly across your chest, and does the back of the collar sit flat or is there a little crease?

6.  The middle of your jacket:  Does it button comfortably, or do you have to wear it open permanently.  Or, when you button it, can you pull it out away from your body 6 inches?

7.  The bottom of your jacket:  What is the length you choose?  Many of you under 5’9″ are wearing jackets that are too long.  The length of your arms (varies with all men) has less to do with the length of the jacket than the visual vertical mid point of your body.

How about the length of your sleeves?

Maybe 75% of your sleeves are too long.  They should be about at your wrist bone to allow your shirt sleeve to peek through.

Bottom line:  wearing properly fitting clothing accents the positives while camouflaging the negatives.

Want to know what fit is best for you? 

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